Frequently Asked Questions


CASUAL THROWDOWN is one of the biggest Functional Fitness online competitions worldwide. Athletes can compete in their home box or gym from all over the world.

Who can join?
In a nutshell: Anyone who wants to join. Every athlete around the world is welcome to be part of CASUAL THROWDOWN.

How is the event structured?
The CASUAL THROWDOWN is divided into an individual edition and a team edition.

When will the events take place?
The team event takes place from January 19th to 21st and from January 26th to 28th 2024. The individual edition will follow in June.

CASUAL THROWDOWN works very simply. Just sign up and you're in. You have to complete a total of 5 workouts over 2 weekends. Afterwards you upload your results and a video on Competition Corner®. Our experienced judges will review the videos and confirm your scores.

How do I submit my scores?
To make each workout official, it is mandatory to take a video and enter scores. You are accountable for adhering to the movement and workout standards. Each workout is explained in detail with its standards in advance. You are responsible for timely score submission and for providing workout videos. Incomplete score or video submissions will not be accepted.

When will the workouts be released?
The workouts will be released at 8 am (CET) every preceding Friday. You will have time until 10 am (CET) the following Monday to complete the workouts and submit your scores and videos.

In which team constellation can I participate in the team competition?
CASUAL THROWDOWN is accessible to everyone:

Do the team workouts have to be completed as a team, or can each team member complete them individually in their own box?
The workouts must be completed together.

Where can I register for CASUAL THROWDOWN?
Each athlete must register via Registration starts on November 1st.

Which divisions are possible?
You can choose between three divisions:
Find the division that is perfect for you. To help you to decide, we offer you a Ranker Workout.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
Send an email to All questions are welcome.